Is it one day, or day one? You choose.

It’s not about which program is better. It’s about which program works better for you.

A few words from the Founder Ron Isherwood

My name is Ron. I am here to help people find freedom from active addiction. I come from a place of compassion and empathy. My teaching is from my own seeking and failures, from 40 years of experience dealing with my own addiction and that of hundreds of other. What has worked for me and many others, can also work for you.

I am able to take on only a maximum of 4 new clients through my intensive program at any one time. I wish I can do more, but as each client’s needs and circumstances are unique and substantial, it’s crucial that I have my full focus and dedication on each client. Just like how you committed yourself and your time to my program.

Read about my program, follow my journey on my Instagram page, and let me know when you are ready for me to help you help yourself.

What have you got to lose, except for your misery?

Why Choose Ron?


From my experience, SEEING A PROFESSIONAL ONCE A WEEK OR ONCE A FORTNIGHT OFTEN DOES NOT WORK. The urge does not stop in between your visits. Hence I offer the 30 days program, supporting you through your recovery on a daily basis.

I have clients that work in private rehab clinics that learnt from my program.
I will be there to guide you when emergency arises. When there is an urge, give me a call. 24/7
I speak from your point of view, from someone who has been there, in the very same shoes you are in right now.
It’s a lifetime program, where you can use this same information to help yourself indefinitely.

Would you rather spend $1000 a week to stay clean and have amazing quality of life, or spend $5000 a week to feed your habits and keep spiralling downward?

Here is a recommendation letter from Guy Baulf who was the Director at Borallon Correctional Centre regarding my support there. Guy was the core of our drugs unit and particularly passionate about helping prisoners obtaining a substance free lifestyle, thus enabled them to fit the criteria for their release.