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The 8 Demands

The fundamental faculty of Ron’s program, where all his philosophy and teaching derive from. Ron stresses the importance of The 8 Demands as being relevant to all aspects of our lives.

He will explain and teach how to apply them to day-to-day events, to problem solve and resolve difficulties some might face, whether it’s addiction, mental health, work/family balance, or lifestyle issues.. putting the 8 demands into practice will direct you to the right path.

Ron focuses his teaching on addiction and recovery. Ron is the addiction specialist. Our team has been trained by Ron with the same values, philosophy and principles. They are the most approachable, non-judgemental, unconventional counsellors you will ever meet.

Better yet, we deliver results.



We encourage the incorporation of The 8 Demands into your organisation’s programs. By disseminating this valuable information and consistently promoting its core principles, we strive to extend our reach and positively impact as many individuals as possible.

Equipping your staff with an understanding of The 8 Demands and their essential relevance to all aspects of life enables them to seamlessly integrate these instructive modules into your clients’ learning experiences.


Ensuring the holistic well-being and safety of workers both within and beyond the workplace is paramount for achieving optimal mental health and performance. One of the fundamental approaches we employ to address mental health concerns is through group sessions, which serve as a foundational platform for conducting mental health check-ups and fostering open discussions regarding the use of prescribed and illicit substances in both professional and personal settings. Additionally, these sessions shed light on other lifestyle addictions, their underlying causes, effects, consequences, and, most importantly, prevention and harm minimisation strategies.

Despite the significance of these issues, there exists a certain level of denial and stigma surrounding substance abuse that inhibits some individuals from seeking help or acknowledging their struggles openly, particularly in the workplace environment. To address this, we recognise the importance of providing gentle encouragement, support, and accurate information to those who may require a nudge to confront and address their challenges.

Leveraging Ron’s extensive 42 years of experience in recovery, including 37 years of freedom from all substances, he possesses the ideal credentials to deliver the necessary insights from a personal perspective, fostering a casual and non-intimidating environment, free from pressure and complex terminologies.

Ron’s philosophy: “You don’t have a drinking problem, you have a thinking problem.


The perception of heroes among many young individuals is often uncertain and influenced by misinformation from the media and their social circles. Material things such as fast cars, expensive jewellery, and flashy clothes… do not define a person. On the contrary, possessing a compassionate and kind heart is a strength, not a weakness. Ron’s life story is a testament to this, as he has endured a profoundly challenging and traumatic upbringing. Despite his troubled past, Ron has not only overcome adversity but has also dedicated himself to helping numerous individuals throughout his journey. Leveraging his personal experiences, he seeks to impart valuable insights to the younger generation in an authentic and relatable manner.

Address the problems, identify the underlying causes, strategise effective solutions and take action to improve one’s life.

By adopting such an approach, we can empower young people to discover their purpose, cultivate healthier relationships with those around them, attain improved educational outcomes and successfully transition into adulthood.


$5500 including GST for one on one 30 Day Program

Casual sessions: $200 inc GST

Group sessions: Please call Ron to discuss


Ron always commences the process with a complimentary initial consultation, during which we conduct a thorough assessment to determine your suitability for the program. To arrange this consultation, kindly reach out to him directly on his mobile on 04 7796 4088. Rest assured, Ron deeply values your courage and time in taking this important step.

The program structure comprises 30 consecutive daily consultations, with one designated day of rest every 6 days. Upon completing the program, a comprehensive re-assessment will gauge your progress in comprehending The 8 Demands, understanding the recovery journey, and identifying the necessary measures to sustain a life free from addiction while fostering ongoing mental clarity and spiritual growth.

By diligently engaging in the prescribed tasks, incorporating The 8 Demands into your daily practice, and nurturing a sense of gratitude, you will witness profound inner growth and experience a heightened sense of happiness and contentment.

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