Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you over the fact that you promise yourself & others consistently that you will stop?

Are you able to stop, but find yourself going back over & over again?

Can you guarantee your behaviour once you put a chemical into your body?

Have you realised that you cannot do it on your own? If you could, you would have.

Maybe it’s time now that you ask for help, from someone who has achieved what you are desperately wanting to do.

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Is it one day, or day one? You choose.

My name is Ron. I am here to help people find freedom from active addiction. I come from a place of compassion and empathy. My teaching is the result of my own seeking and failures, as well as 42 years of experience dealing with not only my own addiction but also that of hundreds of others. What has worked for me and many others, can also work for you.

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So, you’ve just detoxed and spent 30-90 days in a rehabilitation centre, you come out sober, NOW WHAT?
Up to 85% of people relapse within a year of treatment (National Institute on Drugs Abuse)

So, how do you stay clean and sober?

This is where our program comes in. Whether you have just finished detoxing and come out from a rehabilitation program, whether you are someone who is desperate to stop the addiction, or you have been clean for a period of time, but is struggling on a daily basis, let us teach you the ways to stay clean.

Why Choose The Truth About Addiction?


Choose your own time, do the sessions at home or at work, or anywhere on the go. Life doesn’t have to stop because you choose to get clean

Personalised Counseling

Small team that follows Ron’s exact same teaching, principles and procedures, so that Ron would still be able to monitor and provide inputs into each and every case that comes through. You won’t be just a number. You will be looked after by Ron and your dedicated counsellor with the utmost care and consideration

Cost-Effective 30-Day Therapy Package

Compared to other therapies and outpatient programs, our 30 days package is more cost effective

After care program

Follow up calls will be done after you have completed the program. Should emergency arises, you can call us anytime.

Moving Beyond Textbook Teaching

Lived experience teaching, not just textbook teaching

Intensive program

Comprehensive, in-depth learning within the 30 day program compared to what you would normally achieve out of other traditional programs.

Know your counsellor

What do you know about your counsellor? Usually, not much. Our team is different. As you go through the program, you will get to know your counsellor on a private level, about their lives and even their struggles. You will build a relationship with them, and most importantly, trust.

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