Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you over the fact that you promise yourself & others consistently that you will stop?

Are you able to stop, but find yourself going back over & over again?

Can you guarantee your behaviour once you put a chemical into your body?

Have you realised that you cannot do it on your own? If you could, you would have.

Maybe it’s time now that you ask for help, from someone who has achieved what you are desperately wanting to do.

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Is it one day, or day one? You choose.

My name is Ron. I am here to help people find freedom from active addiction. I come from a place of compassion and empathy. My teaching is from my own seeking and failures, from 40 years of experience dealing with my own addiction and that of hundreds of other. What has worked for me and many others, can also work for you.

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“He’s stopped me from replapsing so many times, he’s someone I can tell anything to, and he’s just given me this unconditional love, which I’ve been able to go and use that example and form great relationships where I give unconditional love to my family and my friends, and I’m a great partner, and I’m a great friend, and I’m a great person to have in your life now because I saw that example from Ronnie and he showed me how to do it.”

– Scott Phillips

“The biggest thing I can say is Ron helps me navigate life, helps me navigate my own thinking, look at my patterns of behaviour, my motives, why I do what I do. I never thought I could get out of addiction in the way I used to live… living a life without drugs and alcohol is something that I don’t know how to do. I took substances all my life…”

– Mark Adams

“He (Ronnie) has successfully helped me help myself to regain my life back and take control of this addiction, disease and problem that I have experienced that has taken me to hell and back. Without Ronnie’s advice, services and instructions, I still would be a hundred percent using, I’m not going to say that it is easy, but from what I have learnt and been taught by Ronnie, you just take it day by day, and to be able to ring and speak to Ronnie on a daily basis, anything and everything that he instructs me to do, I do…”

– Long Ly

“I honestly believe without Ron being there, like it was divine intervention. He was the sort of person that had principles, was tough. I respected him. No one else would have got through to me… The seed was planted then.
And Ron’s ability, like how old he is, his wisdom. I just know when I go to him, he’s not going to bullshit. He’ll call a spade, a spade. He’s not going to piss in my pocket or sugarcoat anything. He tells me what I need to hear and I trust (him). I honestly owe my life and my recovery to this man…”

– Broc Martin – Well-being Coach

The Program

There is no one size fits all. The program will be made by YOU.

I always start with a FREE initial consultation, where I do an assessment of your suitability for my program.

We will discuss what your problem is, what your substance of choice is, or what is causing you the problems to contact me, whether it’s drugs or alcohol… We will discuss how long you’ve been using and the misery this has brought to your life. Start your discovery journey now.

FREE Initial Consultation.

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