“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change” – Unknown

“Ron’s story is a remarkable one of resilience, reinvention, determination, honesty and compassion. He has lived through the hardest times, engaging in a life of crime and drug addiction from a young age, to re-establish himself as a person now providing the community with tremendous benefits. Ron now helps others break free from the downward spiral of crime and addiction through a highly successful program he developed while in prison. Ron speaks and acts from the heart, and his goal is to help others break free from debilitating addiction. Ron’s earlier life experience means he knows the struggle and the challenges of habit, and he genuinely believes in people and leads by example. Ron has generously told his story to my criminology and law students studying the Australian criminal justice system. He provides a critical review of the system from his experience and personal story and one that is not often considered during university studies. Ron is an impressive man who is now at peace in his life and contributing enormously to our society by providing reform and hope to many young Australians who need support and guidance from someone like Ron Isherwood.”

Associate Professor Glenn Porter
University of New England

“Through those early days, when everyday was a struggle and I didn’t think I could do it, and Ronnie loved me before I could love myself again. He’s just been a constant, a constant presence in my life ever since.”

Scott Phillips – Owner of Scott Phillips Trading

“When my 17 year old son was on a downwards spiral and many doors were shut, we engaged The Truth About Addition (thankfully!).  Ron gave us both effective strategies to communicate and understand each other better.  Ron talked to my son at his level in a way that he understood.  By conveying real life lived experiences it made him extremely relatable and approachable.  Ron was reliable, supportive of the family as a whole and always made himself available 24/7.  I will always be grateful and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ron and his team to help your family through such a difficult time”


“I have a life that I never dreamed possible today. I’m extremely grateful for the help that Ron puts into me on a weekly basis. The guidance, the love, support, his time and energy, you now, improves my life to no end.
..how I feel inside and what I try and do, to help others, be of service, be a good father, a good parent to my kids, and enjoy my life without drugs. So I just can’t say enough about Ron.”

Mark Adams – Program coordinator at a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

“Without Ronnie’s advice, services and instructions, I still would be a hundred percent using, I’m not going to say that it is easy, but from what I have learnt and been taught by Ronnie, you just take it day by day, and to be able to ring and speak to Ronnie on a daily basis, anything and everything that he instructs me to do, I do.”

Video Broc Martin – Well-being Coach


“He gave me all the tools I needed.”

Jye Hayes


“I rang Ron in desperation in November last year. I had had a recent break down, due to a sexual assault that happened to me as a 16 year old at the hands of a Christian Brother ( john Laidlaw) at Parade College in Bundoora, Melbourne. He is currently in jail in Ararat in Victoria for the rape of other students.

Ron could hear the desperation in my voice. At this stage I was unaware that he was not taking on any more clients. He decided he would help me with counseling & help me he certainly did. I zoomed with him for the following 30 days. He was nothing short of amazing, professional and helped me enormously to get my way out of the terrible mess that I was in. I can not thank him enough for this and his wife Tequila. I will be forever grateful for their help. I also had the pleasure of meeting their two young beautiful children.

Ron is a tremendous human being who helps so many people in his life. I still keep in contact with him and am traveling so much better in life due to his help.

I sincerely thank you Ron and Tequila and will be forever grateful.”

Paul Healy

“I would like to commend Ron on his wonderful work and his passion for helping people. I am a parent of one of his clients and he was always happy to talk to me with my child’s permission. My child by the way is an adult, he was open with me about his problems and discussed his research on Ron with me. Ron is firm, direct and has a no-nonsense attitude to instil in his clients. He is real, people can relate to him. He knows because he knows. He understands, he listens and he is always available to chat to. He has truly changed my child for the better. The life of my adult child has become clear, he is always present and enjoys things that previously were clouded by addiction. Thank you Ron.”


“Hey Ron, today I am extremely grateful for you and your family coming into my life. Im 12 months sober today – yey me! I absolutely couldn’t have done it without your help and support. I truly appreciate what you, Tequilla and your family do for people. Thank you so very much for taking a chance with me… it was a great investment. I hope that you are all well.”


“Ron is a man of integrity, no nonsense patience and compassion!
Upon hearing about his program I was hesitant at first, but with his guidance, his knowledge and thoroughness I can honestly say I’m living my best life. He even took the time to engage with my family, and my son and made it all inclusive.
Ron is the real deal, he’s been there and certainly done it! Does what he says and never misses a beat.
His caring approach and support 24/7 has enabled me to have my life back.

I cannot recommend Ron and the team enough!
I will forever be grateful for Ron saving my life.”

– Daniel