Testimonials from people that Ron has guided through their transformation

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change” – Unknown

Scott Phillips

“The first person who came up and spoke to me actually, was Ron Isherwood. And I didn’t know it, but he just changed the course of my life.

Through those early days, when everyday was a struggle and I didn’t think I could do it, and Ronnie loved me before I could love myself again. He’s just been a constant, a constant presence in my life ever since.

He stopped me from relapsing so many times… and he’s just given me this unconditional love, which I’ve been able to go and use that example and form great relationships where I give unconditional love to my family and my friends. I’m so grateful that I know him.”

Scott Phillips – Owner of Scott Phillips Trading

Mark Adams

“The biggest thing I can say is Ron helps me navigate life, helps me navigate my own thinking, look at my patterns of behaviour, my motives, why I do what I do. I never thought I could get out of addiction in the way I used to live… living a life without drugs and alcohol is something that I don’t know how to do. I took substances all my life.

I have a life that I never dreamed possible today. I’m extremely grateful for the help that Ron puts into me on a weekly basis. The guidance, the love, support, his time and energy, you now, improves my life to no end.

..how I feel inside and what I try and do, to help others, be of service, be a good father, a good parent to my kids, and enjoy my life without drugs. So I just can’t say enough about Ron.”

Mark Adams – Program coordinator at a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.

Long Ly

“He (Ronnie) has successfully helped me help myself to regain my life back and take control of this addiction, disease and problem that I have experienced that has taken me to hell and back.

Without Ronnie’s advice, services and instructions, I still would be a hundred percent using, I’m not going to say that it is easy, but from what I have learnt and been taught by Ronnie, you just take it day by day, and to be able to ring and speak to Ronnie on a daily basis, anything and everything that he instructs me to do, I do.

For me, I have seen psychiatrist, psychologist, and you know, they can only tell and teach you so much because that’s all textbooks, hearsay, studies. He’s all heart, he will not bullshit to you.”

Long Ly – Owner at Darkhorse Cleaning Services

Broc Martin

“I honestly believe without Ron being there, like it was divine intervention.

He was the sort of person that had principles, was tough. I respected him. No one else would have got through to me.

The seed was planted then.

And Ron’s ability, like how old he is, his wisdom. I just know when I go to him, he’s not going to bullshit. He’ll call a spade, a spade. He’s not going to piss in my pocket or sugarcoat anything. He tells me what I need to hear and I trust (him). I honestly owe my life and my recovery to this man.”

Video Broc Martin – Well-being Coach


Adam Bond

“I was dying in every possible way from my disease. I was physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally bankrupt in every area. I had nothing. He (Ron) has an amazing intuition and he’s really cool character, but there was something really special. I was attracted to him. I think it was that he was himself. He was okay with himself and he was confident in being who he was.

He taught me what it means to be a man and to face up to my responsibilities and to start living with principles in my life.

He introduced me to his ashtanga yoga, and to spiritual things outside, and into a whole world of different people, and a whole world of connection, and that’s what I needed. And I think that the opposite of addiction is connection. And that’s what I found.”

Adam Bond

Lance Radnedge

“I was attracted to Ron straight away, his charisma, the confidence within himself. All the stuff that I didn’t have, all the stuff that I lost through my addiction, I’d seen in Ron and I wanted it back.

The one thing I can say about Ron is this, is that when he commits to something, he will commit and he will follow through to the end. He’s never not been there, he’s always had his hands out, always, and he’s always, you know, been there waiting for me.

Ronnie has taught me this, that I need to take responsibility for me and my recovery, and all he can do is suggest and guide. And by doing that, he’s given me back my confidence, he’s given me back my independence, connection, love, all that stuff that I lost.”

Lance Radnedge – Drugs and Alcohol Support Worker