It’s not about which program is better. It’s about which program works better for you.

Founder Ron Isherwood

The Truth About Addiction was founded by our Director Ron Isherwood in 2020, after Ron had to regrettably shut down his very successful business, Sugarman Classics, where he restored prestigious classic show cars. Ron went through a number of medical procedures that prevented him from performing physical works.


Founder & Program Director

At the time, he was already running group support at a private rehabilitation centre in Queensland.

After 42 years working with recovering addicts and various rehabilitation clinics, Ron found that there was a profound lack of understanding of the disease of addiction. Hence, he wrote his own program, based on his own experience, belief and passion.

Ron started The Truth About Addiction and has since passed on his information to a team of superbly passionate counsellors.

Ron’s background is extraordinarily uncommon to many that you may find in the same industry. Growing up in a family associated with the Painters and Dockers in Melbourne, his upbringing was filled with violence, aggression and abuse. At 16 years old, Ron shot his first man. By 17 years old, Ron was charged with multiple attempted murders and was in and out of prison in the decade after. He had never had a drug until he was put into prison at 17 years of age. But one thing we know, Ron Isherwood was a criminal before he was a drug addict.

Ron was free from all drugs from the 3rd of March 1986. However, he couldn’t free himself from his crime addiction. In 2002 Ron was sentenced to 18 years for conspiracy to import prohibited substance. He did a lot of thinking during his incarceration. He studied, he wrote a biography. Ron also wrote the process and procedures for a successful drug rehabilitation program inside Berallon Correctional Centre, where he ran the programs with the help of the prison director, resulting in many prisoners getting clean, staying clean and achieving a better life post release. Since then, Ron hasn’t stopped helping others in active addiction and played a huge part in their recovery journeys. Ron Isherwood is the addiction specialist.

Here is a recommendation letter from Guy Baulf who was the Director at Borallon Correctional Centre. Guy was the core of the drugs unit and particularly passionate about helping prisoners obtaining a substance free lifestyle, enabling them to fit the criteria for their release.
(Attachment of Guy’s letter)

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